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Barrier-free tour: a unique travel experience for people with motor disabilities thanks to InAssociazione

disabili in associazione mezzi mobilità accessibile crociereLeghorn (Tuscany, Italy)

Tourism is a right for everyone, even for those who have a motor disability. For this reason, IN ASSOCIAZIONE, an association that deals with assistance and integration of people with disabilities, has created the service TOUR WITHOUT BARRIERS, which offers people with motor disabilities the opportunity to experience an organized tour without obstacles and limitations.


is a service that provides a series of means and equipment suitable to facilitate the movements and activities of people with motor disabilities. These are vans equipped with a platform for wheelchair access, multi-adapted cars for all disabilities, Genny self-balancing wheelchair of the latest generation, electric scooters and Job beach chair. These means allow you to reach the most beautiful places in Tuscany and enjoy its natural, artistic and cultural beauties in complete freedom and autonomy.

IN ASSOCIAZIONE also undertakes to provide aids such as stairlifts, lifters and ramps. In addition, it offers the SHUTTLE service, which guarantees the accompaniment with transport to ceremonies, places of aggregation or leisure. Finally, it offers the MOBILITY service, which consists of the service of loan for use for short or medium term of vehicles equipped to transport or for autonomous driving to members of law. This service is also aimed at companies and associations.

IN ASSOCIAZIONE is an association that believes in the value of solidarity and integration. For this reason, it has created the service TOUR WITHOUT BARRIERS, which wants to make tourism accessible to everyone, even to those who have a motor disability.

For more information on the service and how to join; you can visit the association’s website 1, send an email to or call the number (+39)334 3617092

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